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Agilies is turnkey software and business solution provider & a full service digital interactive agency that provides tailored solutions
Established in 2015, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Agilies is a proudly & purely Emirati B2B sole proprietorship owned by Ms. Aseela Al Qaydi & formed by a group of passionate software developers & engineers who believe in innovative fresh & revolutionary methods in driving businesses to excellence.

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We offer complete broad range of customized business solutions

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We offer complete Branding
solutions for your business

From Logo Design to Web Design & Game Development

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We develop Native and Hybrid Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Software

Multi-tiered Enterprise & GIS Solutions

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SMS & WhatsApp Marketing Send SMS as you want, by City,by Gender, by Nationality, UAE Executives

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Our approach is a direct response to the issue associated with traditional & conventional software development both in terms of philosophy as well as process & execution; we are dedicated to internally applying agile approaches to maximize the value of our products & thrust the Software industry in the UAE beyond its limits while leveraging the latest cutting-edge core technologies.
We at Agilies believe the wind of change has taken computer software by storm, with the undeniable massive & swift advances in technology, our unique corporate strategy enables us to modernize the industry. Join us at Agilies & witness the evolution of innovative software solutions through your journey with us.

Why to choose us

Agilies thrives and strives to deliver higher quality working products quickerand on time, and promises to embrace changing requirements anytime to deliver greater value to the business in the face of uncertainty and change.

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Shifting toward agile methodologies has a particularly significant impact on the Project Management community. Agile introduces an entirely new framework for planning projects and introduces new ways of managing time, cost and scope.

Agilies has a broad experience in designing and developing scalable web- based solutions, mobile applications, multi-tier distributed systems, e-Services and Self- Services and multithreaded applications using top of the line development methodologies, latest technologies, and proven processes.

Technology leadership is the most successful strategy to challenge competitors and consolidate our position since business and technology

work hand in hand. Our firm’s belief in this synthesis has motivated and enabled us to deliver solutions with a decisive competitive advantage.

We are dedicated to delivering products in short time-boxed intervals, as a result, our clients can enjoy quick working solutions within weeks

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We offer complete broad range of customized business solutions